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The Ultimate Grantwriters Dictionary

Tired of Grant Proposal Rejection?

Introducing The Ultimate Grant Writer's Dictionary

Discover the Secret Language Successful Grant Writers Use Every Day!

Now with The Ultimate Grant Writer’s Dictionary, you can quickly become fluent in the special grant writing language that will help get your proposals funded.

Grant money is available! With the right grant proposal using the right words, you can access it. Put your grant proposals on the fast track to success with The Ultimate Grant Writer’s Dictionary when you learn to speak the funders’ language.

Overwhelmed Trying to Find Out What a Grant Writing Term Means? Having ALL the Terminology You Need in ONE Place Saves Time and Reduces Frustration!

If you've ever traveled to a foreign country where they speak a different language, you know the problem.

Communicating what you want to someone who doesn't understand the words you're using is frustrating for both participants in the conversation. But if you agree on some basic terms, you can get around easily.

That's why every savvy traveler carries a translation dictionary, because it's important to have those terms right at your fingertips.

As a grant writer, you've entered a world where the language may seem like English, but truly you must know the special definitions of grant writing terms or you risk frustrating the grantor who would love to fund your proposal.

The three biggest problems every grant writer struggles with concern using the right language with the right funder. With the right resource, you easily can eliminate the language barrier.

Problem #1

Do you get "STUCK" looking
for the "right" word for
your grant proposal?

Don't Let Your Grant Get Rejected

Using incorrect words in your proposal will likely result in it being rejected.
It's a fact.

Problem #2

the language
used in the grant
proposal requirements?

Don't Let Your Lack of Training Keep You from Trying

If you don’t understand the terminology in the Request for Proposals, you will never be able to write a proposal that gets funded.
It's that simple.

Problem #3

Do you submit proposal after proposal and still CAN'T SECURE THE FUNDING you need?

Don't Deny Yourself and Your Classroom

Grant funders WANT to support well written proposals. When your grant proposals don't get approved, you lose, your students lose and the funder loses as well!

When You Don't Know The Language To Use For Grant Proposals You Limit the Chances Of Your Success

What Else Can You Do?

As an educator, you have an underlying desire to innovate and push the limits of the mandatory curriculum even if it means doing the legwork to fund the "extras."

You spend your own money and do the best you can with what you can squeeze out from both your personal and your classroom budgets.

By seeking grant opportunities for your classroom and your school, you give your students opportunities they would not otherwise get.

While grants can be an outstanding solution for funding classroom or school programs and activities, you need to know the language and the proposal process to ensure your success.

Listen, you know underfunding affects everything in a school system. Teachers get disillusioned, students risk missing important educational opportunities and school systems deteriorate because funding fails.

Sounds like a bunch of bad news, doesn't it?




With over three decades of grant writing and professional teaching experience, Toni has helped secure over $72 MILLION for K-16 schools and other non-profits.

There Are Opportunities For Grants To Fund Programs and Activities In Schools Just Like Yours!

The first step to winning grant approval is to use the correct language in your application.

Your proposal is your first impression and Grantmamas can help you shine! 

Even the smallest grants for your school or classroom can make all the difference.

Picture your students using the latest teaching and learning tools so they ace their assessments.

Imagine your class library stocked with new books. Think about your students using the latest and greatest technology in your classroom. Envision your students taking a field trip to see the work of a local artist, and then spending a day with her in your classroom, learning about brush strokes, creating dimension, and the different effects of colors. When a student who can’t afford supplies needs something, you just walk over to your cabinet and find it for him.  

Grant money can fund all these important activities, and more!



Field Trips

Good News! Grantmamas Has A Resource To Teach You This Special Language!

The Ultimate Grant Writer's Dictionary is Your #1 Research Tool

  • Comprehensive Resource Guide

    The Ultimate Grant Writers Dictionary is a comprehensive resource covering federal, state, and foundation funding terminology.

    You'll have little chance of misusing or misunderstanding any term because every important grant writing term is included.

  • Searchable Document

    Over 300 grant writing terms located in one resource.

    Searchable document means you don’t have to go anywhere else and have this resource at your fingertips at all times.

  • Digitial Download

    Dictionary is easily searchable, saving time when you have a looming deadline.

    Download immediately, even at 2 a.m. when you’re stuck working on a grant proposal.

  • Share with Your Team

    When you need to quickly and efficiently explain grant writing terms to your grant writing team.

    The “secret” grant writing language is decoded by the understandable common language definitions to improve understanding and reduce confusion.

What Others Say About The Ultimate Grant Writer's Dictionary


“As a new Grantmama-in-training, I feel much more comfortable going forward in my quest for grants for my daughter’s classroom, now that I have The Ultimate Grant Writer’s Dictionary. I don’t have any prior experience writing grant proposals, so being able to quickly look up definitions for technical grant writing terms means I’ll be more comfortable as I begin writing proposals. Knowing what certain grant writing terms mean and how to interpret these terms in Request for Proposals (RFP) and grant applications is PRICELESS!” 

Angela S.


“As a grant writer for many years, I wish The Ultimate Grant Writer’s Dictionary had been available long ago. This resource is an extremely useful digital tool that’s user-friendly (which is very important to me!) and has saved me hours of research. Any grant writer or grant writing team, from novice to professional, will find this dictionary invaluable.”

Sharon L.


“The Ultimate Grant Writer's Dictionary is a wonderful tool, for beginner and experienced grant writers! It covers just about every grant writing term there is and if it's not in here, you probably won't ever need it! Plus, the fact that it is easily searchable is awesome!”

Sara C.



Grantmamas co-founder, Dr. Toni Rockis’ grant writing and professional teaching career spans more than three decades. Toni has authored, co-authored, and administered more than $72M in grants for K–16 schools and other nonprofits. She has partnered with hundreds of educational professionals to help them acquire money and resources they needed to start and grow a multitude of programs and services. 

Toni is the author of Grant Writing Success: Opening the Doors to Financial Opportunity, a book covering the basics of foundation, state, and federal grant writing. She has also authored dozens of professional development publications for teachers and administrators, and spent more than twenty years coordinating and delivering workshops and seminars for educators across the nation.

She has secondary, postsecondary, and higher education teaching experience, serving 23 years as a Professor of Education and teacher educator at Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal. 

Take It From The Experts and Discover The Secret Language To Winning Grants

check_blueUse the RIGHT language to get your grant proposal funded 
check_blueUse this tool digitally and print a copy for your desk
check_blue Complete your grant applications in record time
check_blue  Share this tool with your grant writing team

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