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Best Ways to Monitor Your Child on Social Media

I know that one day my kids’ knowledge and use of technology will far surpass mine. And that day is probably coming much sooner than I think. Kids are becoming familiar with technology at a very young age. That comes with a lot of great benefits, but as they move on to social media, it […]

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30 Fun Facts to Wow Your Kids

Some days I feel like my kids don’t find me nearly as funny or entertaining as they used to. When they were babies all I had to do was make a funny face and they would crack up – now it takes a lot more to tear them away from their iPods and Legos. My […]

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10 Tips for Dealing With Picky Eaters

Like most parents, I had a ton of ideas about what kind of parent I would be – before I had kids. My kids wouldn’t watch too much TV, I would never yell, they would never throw tantrums in public … you know, a totally reasonable set of expectations! Yeah, right. When you actually become […]

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New Year’s Resolution for Parents

New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously predictable – and consistently unsuccessful. In spite of our best intentions, only eight percent of people keep their resolutions (citation?). Perhaps we make our goals too overwhelming and not tangible enough. For resolutions to be successful, they should be small (even if they are simply steps on the way to […]

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Mom Guilt – We all have it. Let’s get rid of it.

It’s been my experience that every single mother, whether she stays at home or works full time, feels like she’s faced with a difficult decision – stay at home or work? No matter her individual situation, she questions her decision and frequently feels some guilt. Moms research until we’re blue in the face and then […]

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Technology in the Classroom: Social Media

Social media may or may not be a part of your child’s curricula. Teachers in classrooms around the world are using social media in a variety of ways. Just this week, edutopia posted A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom (December 1, 2014). This article asked, among a number of questions, “Should we teach […]

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The Coding Revolution

Technology is moving forward at a fast – and sometimes dizzying – pace. Long gone are the days of old that I remember, with the green and black Oregon Trail game and bulky, desktop Apple machines. I never could have imagined a day in which a whole computer would sit in the palm of my […]

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Technology in the Classroom: Tablets

As teachers integrate more and more technology in classrooms, they’re increasingly finding innovative ways to use that technology to solve problems and teach more effectively. Tablets are becoming very popular devices that allow teachers to improve students’ learning experiences. In fact, in a recent study of 2,252 students in grades 4-12, conducted by Harris Poll […]

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Isn’t Writing just Writing? Creative Writing vs. Grant Writing

One of the most common struggles beginning grant writers face is learning to develop the desired writing style for proposals. In school many of us were taught creative writing, so we tend to fall back to that style.  Grant writing, instead, is a more technical style of writing We want to help you make an […]

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Fundraising to Get Excited About

As parents, we’re very familiar with the deluge of paperwork that comes home from school every night, including volunteer sign ups, field trip forms, homework, and more. Some days I feel like the piles are taking over the kitchen counter! I do my best to sort them every couple of days, but sometimes things fall […]

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