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How Do You Chose Which Foundation To Apply To?

The chances are good you have more than one project you’d like to get funded.  You might need to hire a guest speaker, to purchase science lab supplies, or even to bring in updated technology to support a new reading curriculum.  While it can sometimes be a challenge to decide which project you need funded […]

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Top 10 Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

It’s a well-known fact that not everyone cares as much about grammar as we writers do. And that’s okay – but for those of us who do care, nothing makes us want to pull our hair out more than a misused “it’s” or “its” or, even worse, a “their,” “there,” or “they’re” that doesn’t belong. […]

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Five Tips to Keep Your Writing Simple

From the time we are children, it’s ingrained in our brains that bigger words are better, and the more complex the sentence is the smarter we sound. If you want to be an award-winning grant writer, forget about all that. It certainly doesn’t apply to grant writing. Your first goal in grant writing is to […]

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How to Teach Your Kids to Give During the Holidays

In the past three weeks, the following scene has played out in my house approximately 125 times: As I’m busy completing one of the 1,844 chores I do each day, I hear one of my kids yell, “MOM! MOM!! COME HERE, HURRY!” I sprint into the living room, sure I’m about to find someone beaten […]

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Kid-Friendly DIY Christmas Gifts

When I was little, I remember making my dad a frog ashtray out of clay for Christmas. My dad has never smoked. He still has that ashtray, though. (Thank goodness for me and the millions of other children out there, our parents are contractually obligated to love any gift their children give them, especially those […]

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Is Your School Participating in Media Literacy Week?

Guest post by Alicia Haywood, NAMLE Manager of Engagement Yes! The 2nd annual Media Literacy Week is upon us. How are you celebrating? My own celebration begins with gratitude for this opportunity to connect with you here and share my excitement. It’s my favorite time of the year because we, as educators who care about the role […]

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STEM/STEAM Grant Opportunities for Your Classroom

I don’t know about you, but it feels like the new school year only started up again last week! But before we know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us – and the first three full months of the school year will be completed. As they say, time flies!  And priorities change. Today’s school priorities include, […]

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Encouraging STEM at Home

Schools are putting more and more emphasis on the importance of providing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and activities in schools. These subjects allow kids to explore the world, solve problems, and teach them important skills that will help them in high school, college, and eventually the workforce. But STEM doesn’t have to […]

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Want to Offer a Bullying Prevention Program at Your School? Here are a Few Ideas!

It’s the end of September and students are starting to settle into school routines. Unfortunately, that can sometimes result in kids establishing a pecking order – with some students being bullied, and others being the bullies. Bullying affects students of all ages. The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health reported that over 5.7 million teens […]

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October is Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying and bullying prevention is – rightfully so – a popular topic in the news these days for parents and schools. With two kids in elementary school, I am constantly shocked by some of the mean and awful things kids say to other kids. I remember enough of my own childhood not to have rose-colored […]

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