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10 Surprising Things About Motherhood

Here are the top 10 things that have surprised me about becoming a mom. It’s been said time and time again, but I’ll add my voice to the mix: motherhood is just something you cannot, in any way, adequately prepare for until it happens to you. You can read all the books and articles, ask for advice, and buy all the “right” things, but there is just so much you can’t possibly know.

Here are the top 10 things that have surprised me about becoming a mom.

  1. Bodily fluid is really no big deal.

I know it’s gross, but as a mom, you just clean it up and move on with your day.

  1. Babies are easy.

Those of you in the throws of sleepless nights and feeding schedules might want to hit me, but babies are easy. They’re portable and generally easy to figure out. Big kids are hard – we have to talk about bullies and sex and lots of really hard things and most of the time I feel completely unprepared and inadequate to have these talks.

  1. It’s amazing how little sleep you can actually survive on.

Again, moms just deal with it and move on with our day.

  1. The world is pretty cool through a kid’s eyes.

I’ll never forget the first time my kids felt grass or sand with their little toes – they were amazed. As adults it’s easy to forget that the world isn’t only about bills or cleaning or laundry. It’s really a pretty cool place.

  1. You will spend obscene amounts of money on obscene things.

Bottle warmers? Hundreds of dollars for hockey fees? Completely impractical, adorable little shoes? Yep, we buy what our budgets allow. And, unfortunately, sometimes even what they don’t.

  1. You will suddenly understand your parents.

I have distinct memories of my mom saying, “Oh, yes, I love picking up your trash,” as I handed her a wrapper from the back seat. Or of her standing in the kitchen, trying to hold her tongue because we were complaining about the dinner she just spent an hour making. I’m sorry, Mom. I get it now.

  1. Moms can – and will – kick some butt.

The second someone messes with my kids, it’s like this primal instinct takes over and I feel capable of doing anything to protect them. Most of the time I can control it and respond in a responsible, adult manner. Most of the time.

  1. You will see and hear yourself in their little faces.

Not long ago we were in the car and I heard my daughter say, “Geez, doesn’t that guy know how to drive?” Days later, she asked my son, “Do you think that’s the best decision?” Oopps. That’s all me.

  1. Worrying can be a full time job.

I’ve always been an anxious person, but having kids took it up a notch – or 20. I try not to, but I worry about everything. It started when I worried about whether or not they were breathing at night, and now I worry about whether or not they’re nice to other kids at school. It will get better when they start driving, right? (Don’t answer that.)

  1. It’s even better than you think.

You can’t imagine the love you can feel for another person until you hold a brand-new baby in your arms. All of the worrying and the money and the work are 100% worth it.

What do you think is the most surprising thing about motherhood?

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